Municipal Service District

On June 26, 1978, the Fayetteville City Council created a Municipal Service District for the downtown area pursuant to Article 23, Chapter 160A-536 of the North Carolina General Statutes. The purpose of the Downtown Municipal Service District is to finance and support downtown activities in addition to or to a greater extent than those activities financed, provided or maintained for the entire city.

The North Carolina General Statutes does not set a time limit on how long a municipal service district may exist. The Fayetteville City Council chose to limit the authorization for the Downtown Municipal Service District to five years. Since 1983, the Fayetteville City Council has reauthorized the district every five years. The current five-year authorization of the Downtown Municipal Service District was renewed in 2013. A copy of the existing boundaries for the Municipal Service District is available in the City Clerk’s office for inspection. No changes to the boundaries were proposed for this reauthorization.

Included in this packet is information for the boundaries and the renewal process as well as the information on the tax rate and budget. These are separate processes and have separate opportunities for comment.

For questions regarding the boundaries or the renewal process, please call Karen Hilton, Planning and Zoning Manager, at 910-433-1996.

If you have any questions or comments on the upcoming budget, please call Jami McLaughlin, Downtown Development Manager, at 910-433-1599.

MSD Renewal

MSD Budget Information

Map of taxable properties