Historic Resources Commission

Historic Districts and Local Landmarks: The Fayetteville Historic Resources Commission (HRC) is responsible for enforcing historic preservation guidelines and has 11 members who serve a two-year term.

The purpose of the HRC is to safeguard the heritage of the City of Fayetteville by preserving, in accordance with law, any property therein that embodies important elements of its cultural, social, economic, political, or architectural history; and to promote the use and conservation of such property for the education, pleasure, and enrichment of the residents of the City, County and State as a whole.

City assistance is available in the Historic Resources Office at 910-433-1457.

Design Guidelines for Fayetteville’s Historic Districts and Local Landmarks

When an owner of a local historic landmark or a resident within a historic district wants to make changes to the exterior of his or her property, a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is needed from the HRC in addition to other permits that may apply. The COA grants permission to follow through with proposed work that is compatible with the preservation ordinance.

Certificate of Appropriateness