Parks and Cultural Attractions

Our fantastic parks – Festival Parkクーポンで10%OFF カントリー 家具 日本製 雑貨 カントリー家具 アンティーク調 カントリー デスクセット 大人デスク ライティングデスク PCデスク パソコンデスク 書斎 勉強 学習机も ナ, Linear Parkダイニングボード キッチンボード 収納棚 引出付き フルオープンレール キッチン 棚 ナチュラル シンプル パイン材 自然塗装 選べる組み合わせ! NA 収納家具【ラキータ 80両扉C】, Cross Creek Park手形 足形 赤ちゃん フォトフレーム 名入れ 出産祝い プレゼント ベビー 名前入り 名入り メモリアル 写真立て 写真たて 誕生日 木製 アクリル 誕生記念 ギフト 贈り物 赤ちゃん おしゃれ 女の, just to name a few!


Talk about wonderful places to have a fabulous picnic, walk or see a concert! We have several parks downtown, or just outside of downtown, that fit the bill for many activities including a new park to bring man’s best friend and walking trails.

Picturesque Cross Creek Park on Green Street features a statue of Fayetteville’s namesake, General Marquis de Lafayette and a magnificent central fountain at the front end of the park, which is a popular site for weddings. The flower gardens bloom in the spring and the landscaped area is a favorite in Fayetteville.

Downtown Linear Park runs from Green Street to Ray Avenue along Cross Creek. Pathways for walking, two pedestrian bridges and benches for enjoying the scenery add to the charm of this downtown park as it sits adjacent to Festival Park, a premiere downtown park for concerts and festivals. Linear Park will continue in future phases to link with other greenways in the area.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park on Blue Street has plans to include a sculpture of King, a fountain, lighted spire, gardens and a walking trail. This 13 acre park features a picnic pavilion and open space and is dedicated to honoring the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Another park of historical significance is Arsenel Park on Arsenal Avenue. This four acre park sits on the site of Fayetteville’s Arsenal prior to the Civil War. The park is mainly used for events conducted by the Museum of the Cape Fear for historical education.

The Riverside Dog Park, located near the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, opened in September 2008 to a friendly group of barking four-legged friends waiting on their leashes to get in and make new friends. The park is open each day from dawn to dusk and has two separate enclosures, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs.

Feeling athletic? Head over to Lamon Street Park on Lamon Street to try your hand at team sports on one of their three softball fields. This park also features a concession stand, a pavilion and playgrounds making this a great place to be active and spend time with friends and family.

Last, but not least, try the world-class NC Veteran’s Park, which is the first state park dedicated to military veterans, next to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum on Bragg Boulevard. The park includes a visitor’s center, exhibits and pedestrian trails. It has had thousands of visitors since its opening on July 4, 2011.

Don’t forget too that you can order your picnic lunch from one of our many downtown restaurants and your basket and blanket from our fun stores! Downtown Fayetteville is the place to be.

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