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The Arts Center
301 Hay Street



Cape Fear Studios
148 Maxwell Street


City Center Gallery & Books
112 Hay Street


Gallery 116th
116 Anderson Street


Alter Egos Gallery & Studio
108 Gillespie Street



Downtown Farmers’ Market / City Market at the Museum 
Fresh produce, local and homemade foods, and crafts of all types are available.
Saturdays from 8:00AM-1:00PM

Fayetteville Area Transportation & Local History Museum
325 Franklin Street

While you’re here, come inside and enjoy these ongoing historical exhibitions:
Punitive Expedition
Edward Evans
Modern Greece:
Local Law Enforcement:
Death and Remembrance: A Historical Perspective:
Frances Benjamin Johnston Photo Exhibit:
200th Anniversary of the Fayetteville Observer:
From State House to Statehood
Lafayette in Fayetteville
Civil War Sesquicentennial Exhibit
Railroading in Fayetteville
Early Camp Bragg and Pope Army Airfield


Task Force Ranger and the Battle of Mogadishu

“Task Force Ranger and the Battle of Mogadishu” won the 2015  John Wesley Powell Prize, an award given for historic preservation or display.  All Federal institutions across the nation were considered for this prize that grades exhibits based on its thoroughness of historical research, high level of technical expertise, and the ground breaking aspects of the exhibit. Award Criteria may be found here.  This exhibit is the first time that Special Operations veterans were given permission to share their experiences in a public venue, and the first time their families were interviewed regarding their experiences.  The U.S. Army Center of Military History wrote a detailed article about the exhibit and the reasons for which it was chosen for this award: Task Force Ranger and the Battle of Mogadishu Exhibit; Free

Airborne & Special Operations Museum
100 Bragg Boulevard