In 2002, the City of Fayetteville adopted the Downtown Renaissance Plan, a cumulative result of past development efforts and a strategic plan flexible for Fayetteville’s ever-growing needs.

Investment at a Glance

Over $118 million has been invested in construction since 2002:

  • $42 million from public entities
  • $76 million from private business
  • Over 450 building projects

By most accounts the 2002 Renaissance Plan was a success and included exciting projects such as Festival Park, the Transportation Museum and streetscape improvements to Person Street, Green Street and Franklin Street. Other projects including the Franklin Street Parking deck, the Hope VI project, NC Veterans Park, the 300 Block of Hay Street housing project and more also helped change our downtown landscape.

In 2013, City Council adopted the Renaissance Plan update with a set of new goals and priorties. This new plan had several key components based on a “Fayetteville Crescent” connection between Fayetteville State University, the central core and the Cape Fear River, housing, safety, Fayetteville State University, open spaces, our gateways, access to Cultural Arts and more.

Studies and conversations are already underway as we look the first of the priorities including the Prince Charles hotel project, a Visual and Performing Arts Center, a permanent Farmer’s Market and more. It’s an exciting time to be involved downtown!