On Tuesday, September 6, 2016 the City Council voted unanimously to accept the Report on an Arts & Entertainment District, commissioned by The Arts Council of Fayetteville / Cumberland County.

This report laid out recommendations for the creation of an Arts & Entertainment District in downtown Fayetteville.  A separate report by the National Main Street Project (AKA Main Street America) was commissioned by the Downtown Alliance in December, 2015.  That report also recommends a downtown Arts, Entertainment & Dining District as an integral part of its overall growth and success strategy.


Some of the benefits of building on the existing core of business and entertainment opportunities downtown are:

• Supporting the revitalization efforts already underway
• Creating greater evening and weekend activities
• Creating an identity around an existing concentration of cultural, dining, and shopping resources
• Establishing tourist destinations
• Strengthening local arts and cultural organizations
• Developing economic vitality

After months of planning and laying the groundwork for the new district, the inaugural Board of Directors of the Cool Spring Downtown District took their seats on July 24, 2017.













Read more about what’s going on:

Arts & Entertainment District Report

Main Street America Market Analysis & Transformational Strategy Report

Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel Report

A&E District Implementation Plan


Board & Committee Information, Upcoming Meetings, and Meeting Minutes Here



If you are interested in participating in one of the workgroups, please contact Sam DuBose at the Downtown Alliance:  910-223-1089 or by email